I am a solo VR developer from the Netherlands that is currently working on the PCVR RTS game “Unoffensible”. I currently mainly use this site myself to see some metrics about the “Free playtest available on steam”. And as a place to store URLs that I have to check.


Wishlist on Steam : UNOFFENSIBLE

Press Kit : Comming soon

Steam Community: Community Hub

Steam Community: Playtest Community hub

Twitter: Golongself

Unity Forum: Unoffensible

Playtest data:

Event Total
StartupGame 13
StartRoomButtonPressed 7
StartLevelPressed 378
QuitGameTriggered 5
ResetButtonPressed 3
Level1Fail 12
__Level1Succes__ 137
Level2Fail 63
__Level2Succes__ 56
Level3Fail 53
__Level3Succes__ 21
Level4Fail 7
__Level4Succes__ 1

Demo data:

Event Total
StartupGame 27
StartRoomButtonPressed 11
StartLevelPressed 6
QuitGameTriggered 3
ResetButtonPressed 8
Level1Fail 3
__Level1Succes__ 48
Level2Fail 3
__Level2Succes__ 10
Level3Fail 2
__Level3Succes__ 5
Level4Fail 5
__Level4Succes__ 1
__TutorialStarted__ 6
__TutorialFinished__ 5
__IndexController__ 5
__QuestController__ 3

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