Privacy policy


  • “us”, “our“, “we“ refers to Golongself B.V.
  • “the game” applies to “Unoffensible” and its demo version “Unoffensible Demo”
  • “hosting platform” is the platform your logged in to to play the game.
  • “game statistics” are values that are generated by the game while playing. Typically used for unlocking achievements on the “hosting platform”.
  • “save game file” is a file that contains all the information needed to continue the game from a previous session. All data in this file is generated by the game and it contains no personal information.

Information that can be collected by our games

  • Player “game statistics” can be shared with the “hosting platform” when available. Please refer to the privacy policy of the hosting platform for further information about their usages.
  • Cloud save option on “hosting platforms” receive a copy of your “save game file” when available.

Personal information

  • We do not collect any personal information from the game

Protection of data

  • All data created by our game, that is not locally stored, is stored and secured by the “hosting platform”.

Changes to this privacy policy

  • Changes to this privacy policy will be made on this webpage

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